Maine Tobacco HelpLine

Maine Tobacco HelpLine

The Maine Tobacco HelpLine answers your questions and offers friendly support to people thinking about quitting or ready to quit smoking, or those who want to help a friend or family member quit.

Why Should I Connect?

  • It’s free and totally confidential.
  • Registration is easy and you can complete your registration by phone or online.
  • All counseling is over the phone to make it easier for your schedule. We offer positive, supportive messages. We won’t pressure you or put you down.
  • We offer personal support geared to your life.
  • You can receive materials and resources electronically or right to your door.
  • You are 2-3 times more likely to quit with the Helpline than when you try to quit on your own.

What Happens When I Connect?

  • We’ll ask questions to see what kind of help you need.
  • If you are interested in quitting, you’ll talk to one of our tobacco treatment specialists.
  • If you are ready to quit, we’ll help you set a quit date, and we’ll make a plan just for you.
  • We’ll help you think about what makes you smoke and give ideas to help you cope with urges.
  • We’ll discuss using nicotine patches, lozenges, or gum and let you know if you qualify for the Medication Program.
  • You will be offered the option to receive secure access to a website with helpful videos, articles, trackers and message boards for extra support that meets your schedule.
  • With your permission we will set up another call with you to check in and/ or you can choose to call us if needed. We can help you reach your goals.

Call the Maine Tobacco HelpLine at 1-800-207-1230 or enroll online to quit.