Before You Quit Smoking

Before you start the process of quitting, there are things that you can do in advance that will help you successfully quit smoking for good.

Prepare Yourself For Quitting

  • Start by making a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking or vaping. QUIT TOOL
  • Tell friends and family about your plan to quit so they can help support your efforts.
  • Have your tried quitting before? Try to understand the reasons why you were not successful. QUIT TOOL
  • Know your smoking or vaping triggers. QUIT TOOL
  • Take note of when you smoke and what routines, friends, and situations contribute to your smoking. Are you ready to make some changes?
  • Still on the fence? Call the Maine Tobacco HelpLine at 1-800-207-1230. They can help you determine if you are really ready and when the best time for you to quit is.

Once you’ve had a chance to really think things over and are committed to the quitting process, take the first step toward quitting.

The first step to quitting tobacco is being ready.

The Maine Tobacco HelpLine can help you get started – click on the option below that seems right for you.

Call to Quit
Call now and speak with a Maine Tobacco HelpLine Quit Coach to develop a quit plan.
Enroll Online
Continue to our Online HelpLine Registration Portal to enroll for Maine Tobacco HelpLine services, create a quit plan and connect to a Maine Tobacco HelpLine Quit Coach.